Grease Extraction Cleaning

Why Clean Grease Extraction Systems?

The regular deep cleaning of grease extraction systems in a commercial kitchen can significantly reduce the risk of fire. This not only helps protect your business premises, but also your staff members, visitors and customers.

With our specialist industry knowledge, Airways Canopy & Duct Cleaning can ensure that your grease extraction systems are cleaned to a high standard, ensuring your compliance with current industry regulations.

The process:

Using appropriate degreasing chemicals and equipment,our technicians will clean all accessible areas of the system, including Canopies Ducting and Fan housings. These will then be degreased, dried and checked for defects, with any detected defects reported. Our technicians will fit access doors to any areas of obstructed access to allow a thorough clean of the ductwork and its components. We carry out most of our service cleans overnight to minimise disruption to your business.


On completion of a system clean, we'll provide certification as proof of the service being completed, A full report detailing all works carried out including evidential before and after photographs. Certification and a comprehensive report are a Condition of Cover for most insurance companies in Ireland & UK.

Frequency Of Cleaning:

Some of the factors which determine the frequency of cleaning are the type of cooking appliance, its usage, and the quantity or cooking taking place. Many insurance companies now stipulate that cleaning should take place at 6 monthly intervals or more. The Kitchen Grease Extract Systems table below provides some guidance on frequencies.

                                                                                    Frequency of Cleaning
                                                Heavy Use             (12 - 16 hours per day)             3 monthly
                                                Medium Use         (6 - 12 hours per day)               6 monthly
                                                Light Use               (2 - 6 hours per day)               12 monthly

We have the knowledge, equipment and capacity to provide an excellent service, helping you to maintain high standards of hygiene that comply with legislation.